Welcome to Alice’s Atlas! I created this blog to share my love for travel, especially to off-the-beaten-path destinations; and passion for discovering the cultural heartbeat everywhere I go. Browse the site for my favorite yoga experiences, outdoor adventures & vegan eats around the world as well as tips for traveling more mindfully & sustainably.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find something of value here for your next trip.

About alice

I’m a Yoga teacher based in San Diego, California, but… there’s a good chance I’m out of town. Somewhere along my path, I caught the travel bug, and I honestly have no intention of going back.

I believe Yoga & travel are both ways to journey to the Self and explore the nature of humanity, and I aim to share my passion for this way of life with as many people as I can.

When I’m home in San Diego, you can find me teaching weekly classes and playing outside with my black lab Layla every chance I get.

I feel most at home at where the mountains meet the sea & anywhere there’s and abundance of green ♡

I love reading, writing, hiking, plant-based cooking, morning coffee, getting lost in nature, sunshine, thunderstorms, walking barefoot, astrology & crystals ♡

My Yoga Journey

I started practicing Yoga in 2009 when I was 19 years old. I went to classes off and on for a couple years, but without much understanding of the actual practice of Yoga beyond physical movement. After I graduated college, I went through a rough break up and found myself in an identity crisis, and that’s when I really turned to Yoga and began to seek as much information in books and videos as I could absorb. It became my passion and my source of self discovery.

I moved to San Diego in 2014 and quickly found my home at Spirit Yoga Studios. I decided to sign up for their 200-hr YTT and much to my surprise, I got offered to teach right after graduation. It was a no brainer to say yes. I dove in quickly, teaching 3 classes a week, then 5, then 7. Before I knew it, I was teaching all over town, quitting my marketing job and rearranging my life to teach as much as I could.

After a little more than 2 years of teaching up to 15 classes a week, it became clear to me that I was at a stand still in my own practice, and I was craving and needing more knowledge. In February 2018, I completed my 300-hr YTT in Sri Lanka with the elite team of Mathieu Bouldron, Annie Au, and Dr. Ganesh Rao and I’m currently working on online programs to share the heart of Yoga with modern spiritual seekers.

My classes always incorporate asana, pranayama, and meditation as I believe they are integral to a well-rounded practice. I am passionate about crafting intelligent sequences and guiding mind-body awareness to make challenging postures and transitions accessible to practitioners of all levels. It is always my intention to empower you in your practice and to help you turn inward for answers, healing and growth. I love music, so a groovy yet meditative playlist is a guarantee.