Willka T'ika: A Fairytale Yoga Retreat In Peru

I co-hosted my first ever yoga retreat at the insanely beautiful Willka T’ika Essential Wellness in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Carol Humes and her small team of local and knowledgeable employees were so warm, welcoming and helpful to our group. We had 15 people, and we worked closely with them to customize the Willka T’ika offerings to fit the adventurous nature of our retreat. If you are looking for a healing experience in Peru, please consider Willka T’ika. The magic and essence of this space is hard to capture in words or images, but I’ve done my best to convey what I loved most about my week there below.

Chakra Gardens

Willka T’ika is sprawled over an intricately designed network of gardens designed to correspond with the 7 main chakras in the body. To get from the kitchen to guest rooms to the yoga studio, one must walk the winding gardens filled with sacred medicinal plants, shapes and symbols

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My room was Lucuma, named after the 1,000 year old Lucuma tree right out front of it which made for the most perfect morning meditation spot.

Gourmet Vegetarian Dining

It was incredibly easy to be vegan in Peru, and Willka T’ika is a yogi’s dream as it offers an entirely vegetarian menu. The food is insanely delicious, and I am happy to know they are committed to sustainability and growing or buying local whenever possible. My favorites were all of the colorful soups and salads, creative vegan entrees, and of course pancakes and fruit in the morning. They even have a cookbook in the gift shop to take home a piece of Willka T’ika with you <3.

State Of The Art Yoga Facilities

The yoga studio at Willka T’ika is spacious and fully stocked with props, adjustable heat and easy to use music. It is reminiscent of a wood cabin and so quiet and tranquil. I was in a meditative state pretty much the entire time I was here, and it was easy thanks to the details of the property. As a teacher, the quality of the studio was much appreciated!

Solar Bath & Andean Spa

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One of the most magical evenings of my whole week at Willka T’ika was spent in a solar bath gazing up at the stars. The tubs are dug into the earth out in a private far corner of the property, and they’re filled with warm mineral water and flowers and healing herbs. You can add more water if you need it, and you can see the entire world in the sky here on a clear night. The spa also offers massage and traditional Andean therapies.

Location In The Sacred Valley

On top of everything Willka T’ika has to offer, we found the location to be perfect for everything we wanted to see and do in the Sacred Valley. We could easily practice yoga early (by 7am), have breakfast, and enjoy an outdoor activity and still get back for evening practice and dinner.

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