A Snowy Weekend In Yosemite

yosemite copy.jpg

My first trip to Yosemite was a little different than I thought it would be, because it was impromptu in the middle of March, and we went during a mild snow storm! I had a friend visiting from Australia (hey Location Wolf!), and well, when you’re a photographer and you’re only in California maybe once, Yosemite it a must see! It was magical to take in the Sierras at snowfall, and we even got a fun hike in despite most trails being closed off.

Check out Luke’s beautiful shots of our weekend below, and if you’re looking for a serene winter wonderland escape in California this winter, skip the crowds in Mammoth and hit Yosemite.

Yosemite Falls

We pulled into our B&B in Fish Camp at night during the start of a snow storm. Right away we needed the chains we got for the tires in Oakhurst a few miles back. It snowed through the night, and we woke up early, cleared the car and went into the park for a sunny day ahead.

Eager to sweat and see what we could, we went to the Visitor Center to see what our options were after the snowfall, and decided to set off for Upper Yosemite Falls.

We didn’t get snow spikes, but we did sit down to slide and find some other unique and not recommended ways of getting up and down the steep 1,000 ft gain. It was super fun and totally worth it.

Yosemite Valley

The rest of the weekend we enjoyed cozy vibes in Yosemite Valley. We ventured to Mirror Lake and went to play deep in the forest.

Yosemite In Winter

Probably the best thing about Yosemite during snowfall is the near solitude we experienced. While the park is packed during summer months, there’s virtually no visitors from November - April. While what you can do is limited, nature is on full display.

Pack your layers, boots and hand warmers and get the tire chains ready, the first snow is usually in mid November! Maybe you have time to hit Sequoia or a few scenic stops on Route 395 too?