Holiday Gift Guide For Traveling Yogis


Whether you’ll see them this holiday season or not is probably still TBD; but isn’t it always nice to have a gift on hand for the yoga gypsy in your life? I’ve searched my memory + the interwebs to curate a complete guide to lifestyle items that every traveling yogi needs and will love.

Travel Yoga Mat


First things first, a yoga mat made for travel is a necessity. My favorite for backpacking type travel is the Voyager Mat by JadeYoga as it is the most portable option out there at 1.5 lbs and 1/16” thick. It easily folds into a backpack or suitcase and is sustainably made from all-natural rubber trees. The company gives back by planting a tree for each mat sold (and has since 2006!).


Another favorite is the B MAT Traveler by B YOGA. It’s a little heavier at just over 3 lbs, and does not fold up quite as small and neat, but it’s got serious grip and is the most durable travel mat I’ve found. There were many of these at my 300-hr YTT in Sri Lanka, where I got introduced to this awesome brand!

Mat Bag


Life is better when you can carry your yoga mat hassle free. Check out this Sling Yoga Backpack by Aurorae Yoga. It has a pocket and strap on one side specifically designed to secure a mat, and is big enough to fit a change of clothes, laptop and water bottle. Plus it comes in cute colors / designs. I love that this brand is family owned and operated and is one online outlet for all sorts of yoga accessories.

Travel Planner

This travel planner by is about to be my best friend in 2019. It’s perfect for the frequent traveler who thrives off of visual organization. It has a beautiful glossy map, a space for packing lists, a language converter, year at a glance pages for the next 3 years, an envelope to store souvenirs like tickets & what not + pages to plan your day / record your memories.

Purifying Water Bottle

Exotic travel comes with a rough cost to gut health sometimes, and it’s often due to contaminated drinking water. Lucky for us, there’s water bottles on the market now with self-filtration systems. This is a perfect, functional gift for the minimalist / adventurous type. I’m a big fan of the ultralight GRAYL bottle. It filters 16 oz of water in 15 seconds and has one of the highest ratings out there. These guys get it when it comes to adventure essentials.

Eco Passport Wallet

Nothing says I’m a traveling yogi like a vegan passport wallet (mainly because so many of them are made from animal skin 😞) That being said, there’s also a lot of eco-friendly options on the top few pages of Google that leave a lot to be desired when it comes to design.

I am in love with the passport wallet collection by Lee Coren. The entire line is earth and animal friendly, made to travel & inspired by exploration.

Chakra Stone Set

When in doubt, grab a crystal. Or something like that, right? This Chakra Stone Set hand curated by my best friend Kaitee of Moon Body Soul is my favorite thing to have in my carry on bag. Each of the 7 stones fit perfectly into your thumb print and come with an affirmation and information card. Call in the energy you need no matter where you are in the world. Plus they come in their own hand stamped bag that can also fit Palo Santo or Sage. Brilliant!

Aromatherapy Sleep Mask


A good sleep mask is a necessity for any long flight, but this one on Amazon by DreamTime takes it to the next level with lavender petals and a soft velvet fabric. So simple, yet a game changer!

Kindle Paperwhite

As nice as having a paper copy of favorite books can be, I know that traveling is when I do most of my reading, so nothing could be better than the Kindle Paperwhite and having all books on one tiny, lightweight device. Check out my favorite books on yoga and spirituality if you want to preload it with some awesome reads!

Alo Moves Membership

Alo Moves is not your basic online yoga studio; it’s more of a portal to some of the most sought after teachers in the world. There’s thousands of classes hosted with a variety of styles and levels. The quality of instruction is truly unparalleled; and who doesn’t want to have a guided yoga practice on demand for those long travel days and a life on the road? I’m hooked.

AirBNB Gift Card

Genius :) Any traveler will love a little funds toward a memorable trip, or a reason to plan a trip for that matter! Purchase on Amazon through the above link, or via various online dealers.

Yoga Retreat


If you want to be the real MVP, you may choose to give the gift of travel. Exotic wellness retreats are quickly becoming the best possible way for a yogi to spend a holiday, and I am ecstatic for my next offering in Morocco in Spring 2019! Grab your bestie and join me for an adventure of a lifetime on a journey through the chakras and colors of Marrakesh.


*This post contains affiliate links that may earn me a small commission should you choose to buy from the brands you find here. This is at no additional cost to you, and is only applicable when purchased directly from the links on my site. Thank you for your support!