Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Yoga Retreat In 2019

If you haven’t been on a retreat yet and/or heard a friend or family member gushing about their experience- they are like, the best way to travel right now.

And if you’re on the fence about this unique style of travel, I guarantee there’s a growth opportunity there waiting for you should you choose to take the ride.

I’ll start by saying that I was skeptical before I started hosting and attending group Yoga trips. What if I want to do something different than the group? What if I don’t vibe with the people? Do I really trust someone to organize something for me? Is it the best way to experience the destination?

With 7 retreats under my belt, here’s my top reasons you should go on one ASAP…

Recalibrate Your Energy. If you are feeling the need to unplug from and find perspective on your daily life, the timing probably couldn’t be better for a retreat. Daily mindfulness practices, a serene environment and having all of your needs taken care of makes it way easier to detox from whatever is weighing you down back home and remember what is truly important.

Immerse In Yoga. As a teacher, retreats are by far my favorite way to share the practice. We get a chance to dive deeper into topics that we only brush the surface on in studio classes; and whether it’s 2 days or 2 weeks, the continuity of a retreat setting gives space for breakthroughs. A retreat can also be a great introduction to Yoga! I’ve hosted many beginners who walked away feeling a deep connection to the “why” behind the practice.

Eat Well Without The Work. This is one of the main perks if you ask me. A retreat takes the work out of nutrition and ensures you’ll eat local cuisine curated to your personal diet… included in what you pay. At every meal you’ll wonder why you haven’t retreated yourself for every vacation ever, and conversely once you return home you will have frequent flashbacks of the glory days as you wash the dishes. It’s best to just fully appreciate it in the moment.

Integrate Healthy Habits. A week prioritizing daily yoga, balanced nutrition and self-reflection is an effective way to create new pathways in the brain and bring healthy habits back home with you. Learn to meditate, find freedom in your body, feel the benefits of clean eating and restful sleep, and rediscover how these simple things nourish your soul.

Meet Likeminded People. I’ve met some of my very best friends through group Yoga trips, and created many more travel opportunities for myself this way, too! People are usually solo on retreats and have very similar intentions to your own- to balance personal development with new experiences. As a leader, one of the most rewarding surprises is witnessing friendships blossom so quickly and naturally after interacting with everyone via email for months before. :)

Explore Another Culture. A Yoga retreat can be a great way to explore another culture in a safe and organized way. If you crave experiences that are out of your comfort zone but lack the time, motivation or confidence to pull it off on your own… let a retreat center or your favorite Yoga teacher do the leg work for you.

Invest In Yourself. Sure you could say any vacation is an investment in yourself, but choosing to spend your time, money and energy in an environment where the purpose is to nurture yourself from the inside out sends a clear message to your brain that you are worthy of your own time, money and energy. I think spending your precious time off on self improvement probably has to be the best life upgrade out there.

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How To Find your Perfect Retreat

I do hope if you’ve made it this far that I’ve convinced you to retreat yourself this year. But now you may be wondering how on Earth you’re going to pick the right one when there’s thousands upon thousands of choices. I promise if you make yourself open to it, you will find a retreat that sounds like it was made with you and only you in mind.

Search By Location. If you know you want to go somewhere or you’ve already booked a ticket and could use a retreat week within your trip, consider searching for yoga retreats in the area. You will likely find that there are some inclusive and curated experiences with teachers who will be on destination with you; and in places where retreats are popular (like Bali and Costa Rica), there’s a plethora of retreat centers that offer lodging, meal plans and unlimited yoga at different costs and you plan everything else on your own.

Search By Theme. Perhaps you’re looking for a beginner only retreat to learn Yoga, or you are specifically interested in Kundalini, or the Chakras, or the 8 Limbs Of Yoga, or Yoga and Surfing, or Yoga and Writing. You get the idea… the possibilities are endless. Think about what you would get the most out of and see what is out there.

BookRetreats.com. Google is a great place to start your search, but there’s a few dedicated platforms that aggregate retreats from leaders all over the world and take a percentage of each booking. If you know you need to retreat yourself, check out this great resource to inspire your journey in the wide world of retreating yourself!